Opinion: UPDATE: Paris Hilton’s rich gramps is reported steamed at John McCain


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(UPDATE: A correction to the information below relating to the fictitious Martin Eisenstadt has been published here.)

Just a short quick update on this crucial Paris Hilton political business so that the half of the globe now in darkness can go to bed in peace and the light of wisdom. And we can all get on with Friday come daylight.


Late word Thursday night -- not surprising but late nonetheless -- that the Hilton family is rather unhappy with the campaign of Sen. John McCain for including its scion, P.H., in its controversial and therefore successful political campaign ad somehow attempting to link two famous or infamous female celebrities (Britney Spears is the other) with a certain Democratic presidential nominee-to-be.

If you need a refresher, you can watch the new McCain ad below. But watch quickly because the two young ladies who are famous for being famous appear only briefly.

As The Ticket noted previously, P.H.’s ma and pa, Kathleen and Richard Hilton, have donated the $2,300 maximum to the McCain operation. But there’s a lot more Hiltons around apparently, including Gramps Hilton (William B.), who is the vast hotel empire’s co-chair. And according to Martin Eisenstadt’s blog, he’s been quite the generous donor to the tune of more than $50Gs to Republican campaign operations.

Not only that, he reports, but members of the Blackstone Group, the private equity group that bought into Hilton Hotels last year, have also been generous GOP donors. And Marty says they’ve expressed themselves angrily to McCain representatives in recent hours.

Ever the political maverick, McCain will no doubt cite such commercial insults to benefactors as proof that he’s not beholden to rich corporate types. So if you give money to his Republican campaign, you too can have your children and grandchildren linked to something as blatantly nefarious as a Democrat’s campaign to show himself as beloved by Europeans who can’t vote here on Nov. 4. Take that!

--Andrew Malcolm