Opinion: Barack Obama’s VP choice coming Tuesday morning?


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The Drudge Report, the notoriously ‘liberal’ website, just posted an item saying the vice presidential choice for Sen. Barack Obama could come as early as tomorrow morning.

Maybe so. Maybe not.

As the Ticket previously reported, the campaign says it will make the announcement first via e-mail to supporters who’ve signed up.


We’ve had false alarms in both camps already. They may even be accidental.

But they also serve a campaign’s purpose of causing guessing, hyping interest in their campaign, distracting attention from opponents and building anticipation first among the media and then the voting public.

And whether or not it’s Tuesday, Wednesday (when Obama is in Tim Kaine‘s Virginia) or Thursday, Obama’s choice probably needs to come this week before the Democratic National Convention starts Aug. 25, with delegates traveling to the Mile High City as early as Thursday.

Friday would seem an unlikely announcement day; the closing hours before a weekend, especially in the summer when many start their weekends early, is usually the time when politicians and governments seek to put out bad news, such as John Edwards’ recent affair confession on ABC.

Edwards was reportedly furious because ABC released some interview excerpts Friday morning, which gave the evening program ample attention before the weekend rush, just what Edwards had hoped to avoid.

On the other hand, just writing out loud here, the Olympics run through Sunday. If Obama made the announcement next Monday, wouldn’t that be a kickoff to the convention? Or how about this for an unspoken message? Do it Tuesday and stomp all over the attention for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s big speaking night.

And while everyone is talking about Obama, which is what his campaign wants in these days of being basically tied in the polls, what about Sen. John McCain?

Everyone’s been thinking he’d wait to see Obama’s choice, maybe announce the GOP VP choice the day after the Democratic convention ends. Fact is, his campaign is organizing a major rally for Dayton, Ohio that day.

But if McCain’s really gonna pick a pro-choice running mate, he might want to do it sooner, say hours after Obama’s announcement. That would steal some spotlight from the Illinois freshman and give the GOP conservative base some time to cool off before arriving in St. Paul for their Labor Day start.


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-- Andrew Malcolm