Opinion: Hey, Hillary Clintonites! Forget Sarah. Joe Biden loves ya!

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Sen. Joe Biden said something very interesting Wednesday afternoon. Of course, you never know, but it seemed impromptu.

And, OK, it doesn’t really mean anything because the political die is cast. Sen. Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic primary campaign to Sen. Barack Obama. And that’s that.

And when it came time to choose a vice presidential running mate as his co-agent of change to really change Washington once and for all, the freshman Illinois senator picked... another male senator, Joe Biden, a voluble, aging white guy from a nowhere state who’s held the same Senate seat in Washington since Obama was in the sixth grade.


Other than that, it’s an exciting, fresh pick that says, ‘Let’s clean house!’

Biden does know about foreign affairs, which is helpful if you’ve spent a lot of time being present in Springfield, Ill.

We’ll never hear it in public, but some wonder whether Obama’s Windy City crowd might now have second thoughts about not picking a certain female senator from Gotham for No. 2, given the wide-open door to ExcitementLand that the decision handed over to Republican John McCain.

The old guy, who was counted out a year ago, stepped up to the plate, swung his maverick ...

... bat and surprisingly hit the sweet spot with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a 44-year-old working mom who likes fishing and hunting and tax cutting and surplus refunding and has the same kind of family challenges ‘as any of you.’

Her pick ignited a national curiosity and a barrage of publicity, including the photo above playing off the ‘Miracle on Ice’ movie on the 1980 Olympic gold medal-winning hockey team of underdogs. One newspaper cartoon showed Hurricane Gustav bearing down on New Orleans, Hurricane Ike near Cuba and Hurricane Sarah covering the heartland.

Maybe the apparent confessional moment by Biden in New Hampshire is a bank shot to somehow ingratiate the all-male Democrat ticket with some of the 18 million party members who picked the losing side in Clinton.


Remember, New Hampshire is where Clinton found her voice last winter and bounced back to beat Obama after an awful third-place finish in Iowa behind even the $400 haircut guy with the weirdly named girlfriend that he so adamantly didn’t have at the time.

Polls out this week seem to indicate that a sizable chunk of female voters nationally, presumably including at least some Clintonites, have swung over to the McCain camp in the last three weeks, which is a scary thing for a front-runner because women voters are the majority now.

So maybe that’s why Biden said what he said: ‘Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America.’

It doesn’t cost Biden anything. It’s self-deprecating, might win him some votes. Of course, you don’t see him offering to step aside from the No. 2 spot, either. But he also acknowledges that Clinton may have even been a better pick than him.

So for what it’s worth, here’s something special for any remaining Clinton lovers out there. Are there any of you left? Leave word below if there are and let us know how you feel about this video.

Here, with a huge Hat Tip to Susan over at WakeUpAmerica, is Sen. Biden speaking about Sen. Clinton’s qualifications.

Go figure.

-- Andrew Malcolm