Opinion: I have the T-shirt of President-elect Obama and that other guy


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Now that the election and expensive campaigning are over and Barack Obama raised well in excess of $610 million, he’d like some more money please.

$30 more to be exact. At least.

This money isn’t for him per se. It seems that in addition to his 6/10ths of a billion dollars to bring about change to believe in within the White House, the Democratic National Committee was spending more money than it had on hand to win several states.


The e-mail appeal calls it ‘considerable debt.’

That’s called borrowing or deficit spending. All very familiar terms in Washington. So no change there.

And now, over Obama’s popular name, the DNC is seeking to pay off those debts by requesting minimum $30 donations from thousands of Obama supporters on that swell, vast donor list he’s built.

And in return donors will get an actual blue ‘Victory T-shirt’ with the pictures of Obama and the Delaware guy and the phrase ‘Change Can Happen.’ On the back it has the bipartisan expression: ‘Our Time for Change Has Come.’

Speaking of Joe Biden, he hasn’t had much to say since he suggested Hillary Clinton might have been a better Democratic VP pick by Obama than he was.

And speaking of Hillary Clinton, whatever happened to the Obama campaign’s promise to help retire the campaign debt she accumulated trying to unsuccessfuly thrash Obama? We hear some grumblings about that.

Oh well, what she do she and that loquacious husband of hers matter now anyway? Somebody else will soon be in the Lincoln Bedroom.


-- Andrew Malcolm

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