Opinion: From Bush to Obama: A facial transition


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The media is all about chronicling the transition of power from the Bush administration to a Barack Obama executive branch. And how can you blame us? It’s exciting stuff!

But what about the literal transition of George W. Bush to Obama. You know, what if Bush, like, transformed into Obama?

Confused? Just take a look at this photo.

Even more confused? I don’t blame you.

As is the case with many oddities on the social Web, this composite photo, combining the facial features of President Bush with President Obama, trickled its way through the blogosphere from an anonymous source.


The middle man -- the perfect ‘Obushma’ hybrid -- is strangely fascinating. I can’t look away. Really. But the user, who submited the image to the popular social news website Digg, was less flattering. ‘The middle picture will haunt my dreams,’ user d2002 wrote.

This creepy composite picture brings back memories of this unofficial campaign poster of President Obama and Sen. John McCain switching races. Photoshop can really do some scary things.

-- Mark Milian

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