Opinion: Sarah Palin turns 45 today. How are <em>you</em> celebrating?


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Well, today is the Big 4-5 Sarah Louise Palin, the lipstick-wearing, pit-bull hockey mom whom some folks still can’t get enough of -- and others long ago did. (But, look, you’re still here reading!)

Alaska’s youngest and first-ever female governor, she keeps popping up in the news for one thing or another. And we tend to follow her at the SarahPalin4President and at the SarahPalinBlog. Here, for those who are intrigued by her, is a birthday gift bag of recent Sarah Stuff. (For those who don’t like her, you know you’re gonna read it anyway):


At last report, Palin’s husband, Todd, is running fifth, 61 minutes behind the leaders, in the Tesoro Iron Dog snowmobile -- er, snow-machine -- race, which he has won four times. It’s one week long in weather that sometimes warms up to minus-40. So, he probably won’t be bringing home fresh-cut flowers for SP tonight. UPDATE: Todd finished sixth in a little over 41 hours.)

The Alaska Senate recently found Todd and nine others in contempt for ignoring subpoenas in the now-dead Troopergate investigation, but there’s no punishment involved. The state’s attorney general, Talis Colberg, who advised Palin and others during the investigation, resigned Tuesday over the controversy.

Nevermind Palin’s own reported upcoming book, Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions is about to publish ‘Trail Blazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin’ by People’s Lorenzo Benet.

A few leaked details concern how her hand got crushed years ago while helping her commercial fisher husband and how important Aug. 29 has become in Palin’s life: wedding anniversary, John McCain’s birthday and the day he announced her pick as his VP running mate that so energized the GOP’s conservative base and many Republican donors.

And there’s always talk of a movie.

The Republican governor recently launched her own SarahPAC to collect donations to finance her own political travel (Iowa’s a long ways from Wasilla, you know) and to support like-minded conservative candidates elsewhere.

Palin did travel to Washington for the recent Alfalfa Club dinner of alleged D.C. elites (taking an overnight charter to avoid missing a day from state work), where she talked up Alan Greenspan and others, apparently impressing some longtime Republicans like Fred Malek.

And she also took the occasion to talk up Alaska’s new planned pipeline with fellow dinner guest Barack Obama.


But with a re-election campaign looming next year, Palin turned down a blizzard of media interview requests to play down her Alaska absence. She’s also decided against traveling back to Washington for the upcoming CPAC meeting but will address the conservative faithful via a videotape, which they do have now up in Alaska ever since electricity came in the other day.

--Andrew Malcolm

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