Opinion: New Obama lOgO for RecOvery.gOv. Guess what it lOOks like?


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So what do you think? Too busy? Inspiring? Confounding? Absolutely stunning?

This is the newly unveiled logo for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (or ARARA, as we like to call it).

They didn’t have room on it for the trillion 000,000,000,000,000’s.

But it does have gears to represent the American automobile industry that’s on its way out and the manufacturing sector that’s already vanished from the land. It has eight stars to represent, uh, some of the 13 original Colonies.


It’s got the ‘website number’ that Vice President Biden couldn’t remember on TV. (For a funny video, go here.)

And the new logo has poison ivy leaves to represent the green revolution that hasn’t quite caught on yet because few people can afford the extra costs that come with it and the ones that can are gonna get taxed extra because they can afford it and didn’t vote for the winner anyway.

Our colleague Adam Tschorn elsewhere on this site has an interesting evaluation by two artists of the new logo designed by the same firm that helped come up with the famous Obama campaign logo (see below).

Oh, look! The new logo is also a big O. That’s probably just a coincidence though because President 0bama swears he’s not even thinking about 2012 on account of the economic crisis being so bad right now. Otherwise, the new logo could have been a rough square kinda like the shape of, say, ArizOna.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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