Opinion: Don’t look at this buff, shirtless, semi-nude photo of Barack Obama


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The last thing any fun-loving politics blog would ever do would be to cheapen itself on a slow weekday by publishing a couple of color photographs of some hunky guy who works out every day and happens to be president of the United States, just to prompt thousands of readers -- all right, lookers -- to click on its pages.

That would be an online gimmick worthy of a high-quality celebrity blog like, say, Elizabeth Snead’s Dish Rag, which as it happens sent us just such a photo today, in a crass attempt to draw traffic away from us. We were disgusted that she would think we would stoop so low as to publish the photo larger than she does with her commentary over here.


Who would ever publish such photos simply because some magazine in Washington decides to put a pec pic of the commander-in-chief on its cover? Allegedly because the guy is the No. 1 reason to live in Hunkville. Obviously, sales never crossed its mind either. So it’s four months old. It’s not news.

The magazine photo above reminded us of the shirtless beach photo of the same guy from the year before. In case you forgot that one, we’ll put it here below merely as a reminder. (Do not be tempted to click on the ‘Read more’ line if it’s not already showing.)

So, now that we’ve got that issue straight, while we await the next Maxim cover, we can move on to much more important business, like the bank stress tests and the percentage of TARP money that some of them want to return before the guy who doesn’t wear a coat in the Oval Office fires their president too.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credits: Washingtonian; Associated Press