Opinion: Mother Pelosi explains her view of politics


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For fans of politics who rise early on autumn Saturdays, ABC’s Rick Klein tips us that ‘Good Morning America’ plans a profile of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tomorrow.

In case you don’t get enough of her during the week.

A couple of tidbits from ABC’s interview with the Democrat:

Remember when she received the gavel as the first female House speaker back in 2007 and the podium looked like recess from ‘Romper Room,’ with Pelosi family members climbing everywhere?

ABC’s Bill Weir asked the mother of five how being a parent affects her public life. Pelosi replied:


I view my work in politics and government as an extension of my role as a mom.

So apparently it’s been a bit of eat-your-vegetables tough love and some timeouts that the speaker has dished out to CIA folks in recent months.

Pelosi also sought to explain that awkward moment recently when her Senate counterpart and fellow Democrat Harry Reid put his arm around her while talking to reporters. The speaker recoiled, fueling mumblings about tension between the Hill’s top two Democrats.

No, no tension, claims the liberal San Francisco representative: The Nevadan with the high unfavorable ratings back home is a great Senate leader.

What really bothered her, Pelosi says now, was not a man’s patronizing hand on her shoulder, but Reid’s seeming blanket endorsement of President Obama’s Afghanistan policies, even future ones.

He was saying that we were all going to support whatever the president said about troops to Afghanistan, and which, well, remains to be seen until we see what the president puts forth.

Take it from Mom.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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