Opinion: First peek: What’s in Sarah Palin’s new book


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Not that anybody even cares or clicked here on purpose or will gobble up every word because Sarah Palin isn’t even Alaska’s Republican governor anymore and her GOP presidential ticket lost last year big-time and critics made a lot of fun of her habits and family and her clothing and the way she talks and didn’t get an abortion and then quit as Alaska’s governor.

And she’s got no chance of succeeding in national politics because she’s a dim conservative and no one cares anything about her to the point that her book publisher, HarperCollins, only printed 1.5 million advance copies of ‘Going Rogue,’ coming out next week.


But first Monday comes an appearance on TV with Oprah, who became a media billionairess by simply boring her audience with what they didn’t want to see. (BTW, that interview was taped in Chicago today and Palin reportedly did not say no when asked if she wanted to do a TV show.)

(UPDATE: 7:18 p.m. On her Facebook page tonight Palin reported that Oprah was ‘hospitable and gracious,’ the audience ‘warm, energized and (no doubt) curious’’ and the two women enjoyed the ‘great conversation’ so much they went over time; the extra chatter will go on

However, just in case there are one or two people out there who remain interested in the ...

... woman who actually excited the other side of American politics last year and pumped some desperately-needed Geritol into the McCain campaign’s sclerotic arteries, we bring you word that our friend and insightful political pro Mark Halperin over at Time magazine has talked with some unidentified people who have seen the book and:

a) Despite the help of a professional writer, the book sounds just like Palin, written warmly and personally, the way she talks, doggoneit.

b) Five chapters.

c) It contains a description of how her family’s upbringing shaped her into a maverick.

d) It’s got a strong testimonial to the power of faith in her life.

e) She settles scores with some of those brave McCain folks who as genuine teammates in battle anonymously leaked unhelpful things about her to journalists during the campaign. Ms. P helpfully provides their names.


f) As a delightful insider’s joke on the inbred Washington political establishment, the book has no index. So they can’t find mention of themselves while browsing in the store. Buy it or lump it.

Mark’s got some more details over here. And he’s also got a longer, interesting story in the upcoming issue of Time right here that notes there’s nothing Going Rogue about Palin anymore. She’s a professional rogue.

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