Opinion: Sarah Palin creates new Twitter acct, ditches old one 4 no apparnt reason

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Sarah Palin recently started a new Twitter account to promote her new book. But what about her old one?

As Alaska’s governor, @AKGovSarahPalin sent updates regularly and built a large following.


The profile has more than 152,000 followers and has made its way onto more than 1,500 lists. The latter is perhaps more impressive because that feature didn’t even exist until about three months after she stopped tweeting there.

The @AKGovSarahPalin page also has the ‘verified account’ tag, which means Twitter Inc. authorized it as a legitimate user.

But Palin has inexplicably started from scratch. The new page, @SarahPalinUSA, quickly drummed up 14,700 followers despite not having a single update or following anyone -- not even her 2008 GOP presidential partner Sen. John McCain.

But still, there’s 152,000 people on that other account. Just sitting there.

On Facebook, Palin kept her old fan page, which is nearing a million fans. She simply dropped any mention of being governor from the ‘current office’ section. Rather than promoting Alaskan legislation, it now mentions TV appearances and, uh, her new Twitter page.

Did nobody tell Palin that she can click on ‘settings’ in Twitter and change the name of an account?

She could have easily switched the name of @AKGovSarahPalin to @SarahPalinUSA or @SarahPalinRocks or @QTPiSarahPalin or whatever she wanted.

Then, swap out the profile picture and background image, and she’s set. Bonus: She gets to keep all of her followers.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter are a book publisher’s dream because they let authors and promoters connect directly with fans. But they’re only valuable when the pages have a lot of people paying attention to them.

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-- Mark Milian

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