Opinion: About that 2012 election, a majority of Americans now say NObama second term

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It’s buried way down in the 11th paragraph. But a new CNN / Opinion Research Poll just out finds that only 392 days into his first term, a minority of Americans now favor a second term for Barack Obama.

Just 44%.


In fact, a majority of 52% already say the Democrat does not deserve a second term.

Of course, the ex-senator isn’t on any ballot in this year’s midterm elections. But, say, you’re a fellow Democrat who is on a ballot this fall and Obama’s reps came calling for your support for his legislative agenda and you saw his numbers plummeting like this. How likely would you be to hitch your political wagon to a falling star?

Hey, we’re talking politics and survival here. That’s where the import of these horserace polls comes in this far out from November 2012.

In terms of Obama job approval/disapproval, the CNN poll of 1,023 adult Americans finds 49% yea and 50% nay.

Part of the problem, according to CNN analyst Keating Holland, comes from the perception among a 45% plurality of Americans that Obama belongs to the upper class, which only 4% of Americans identify with.

Holland calls it ‘the perception that Obama is not a middle-class kind of guy.’

Gee, go figure. How so many Americans (Harvard) could possibly get the impression (Chicago’s Hyde Park) that Obama and his wife Michelle (Harvard) are out-of-touch members (‘corpseman’) of the elite upper class (millionaires) is anybody’s guess (arugula).

-- Andrew Malcolm

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