Opinion: New poll finds Obama tied with Anybody in 2012 vote


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Here’s a closeup photo above of the Republican candidate for president who’s currently tied with President Obama for the 2012 White House race.

No one.

Or anyone.

A new CNN / Opinion Research Poll out this afternoon of 953 registered voters nationally finds Obama tied at 47% with any Republican candidate. Gee, if only Wendell Willkiewas still around.

The same poll also finds a clear majority of Americans now believe that Obama is a one-term president.

Other than that things are looking great for the 14-month-old Democrat administration, which is still celebrating Sunday’s passage of a massive healtcare bill that most Americans don’t seem to like.


And confronts crucial midterm elections come November when the White House party historically loses an average of 16 House seats.

Today, at another healthcare campaign town hall meeting in Iowa two days after he already signed the bill into law, Obama threw down the gauntlet to the GOP to run a campaign based on repealing the new law.

‘Go for it!’ he said.

And Republicans appear to be positioning to do just that.

Now, even though it doesn’t seem to matter right now, which Republican should be the 2012 candidate?

Well, the same early poll shows Republicans and GOP-leaning independents returning to the party’s tendency to prefer state chief executives when selecting candidates for the nation’s chief executive.

The top three are all former governors: Mitt Romney (22%), Sarah Palin (18%) and close behind her Mike Huckabee (17%).

The next closest are Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and ‘Someone Else,’ all at 8%.

Nevermind the Democrat’s opponent, do you think if Obama runs, he wins? 44% Yes. 54% Nope.

As a sign of how effective Obama has been in reducing the harsh political tone of the nation’s capitol, only 2% have no opinion on that question.


Among Obama’s base of traditional Democrats, surprisingly one-in-five now thinks a different candidate might be a good idea in 2012. A large majority still want him renominated (76%). And, again, only 4% have no opinion. Watch that 20% number; also how long Hillary Clinton stays over at the State Department.

Obviously, though, the current White House doesn’t watch political polls. Otherwise, they’d be focusing on jobs and the economy instead of healthcare.

And Obama aide Valerie Jarrett scoffingly assured Fox News’ Major Garrett last month that her Democratic teammates hadn’t even begun to think of, let alone plan for, the next election.

These very early poll numbers indicate that might actually be a pretty good Obama plan.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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