Opinion: Disgruntled CNN visitor launches due to marimba-playing robots


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Do you ever go to to check up on the latest news?

Neither do we. Well, unless we’re writing about CNN’s political analyst Jeffrey Toobin watching baseball on his laptop during a vice presidential debate. But why bring that up?
At least one disgruntled CNN visitor is challenging the network’s choice of news selection. Not that the network is too liberal or too conservative but too fluffy. So to assist CNN, the individual set up a helpful website to voice those concerns.

The site -- -- (which is a Joe Biden‘ish way of “Geeze, Louise, what the heck is happening with CNN”) has a.... ... split screen showing what CNN is featuring on its homepage with other news sites like Al Jazeera, NPR and the BBC. The default is on the English version of Al Jazeera.


Writes the outraged administrator of the website:

We know you think this is what we want, but it’s not. We don’t care what random Tweeters think about a news story, how many holograms you have in your Situation Room, or even the latest celebrity gossip.We care about our world. Instead of using your resources to do the journalism that gives us a better understanding of this world -- we get the front page of do we have to look enviously at the front page of Al-Jazeera English for a better sampling of important news stories at any given time? If the CNN frontpage is a reflection of consumer demand, are we to believe that their readers demand real journalism?

Well, we checked it out and we’re kinda skeptical (besides we like the holograms).

What’s wrong with a “Marimba playing robot that can improvise?” And frankly we’d like to know what the “Worst movie remakes of all time” are.

“Why won’t anyone adopt these kids?” We don’t know. But we sure want to find out! Maybe the Ticket will adopt ‘em.

These CNN stories are contrasted against Al Jazeera’s focus on the Greek debt crisis and “debt crisis contagion.” Not even one “American Idol” recap can be found anywhere.
By the way, CNN doesn’t appear to be hurting by their editorial selections. At least looking at Quantcast, a site that measures web traffic, CNN has 21.3 million individual visitors compared to 111,000 visitors for Al Jazeera.

The website owner doesn’t seem that angry. At the bottom of the site, it reads, “PS. We still love Wolf’s beard.” Who doesn’t?

-- Jimmy Orr

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