Opinion: We’re voting for Dale Peterson for Alabama ag commissioner (because we’re scared of him)


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We’re voting for Dale Peterson.

Yes, we know. We don’t live in Alabama. Nor do we have a vote. We don’t even know what Alabama’s agriculture commissioner does. We’re just afraid of what will happen if we don’t.

Alabama is the place to be if you’re tired of prepackaged, sanitized, Velveeta-like political candidates.


Other places have political contests. In Alabama, it’s the OK Corral.

First there was Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James and his unequivocal message to weak-kneed ‘We Are the World’ lovers: ‘This is Alabama. We speak English. If you want to live here, learn it.’

But Peterson takes it to the next level. In his bid for the GOP nomination for ag chief, Peterson makes James look like a sissy. Toting a shotgun and calling his opponent a ‘dummy,’ Peterson vows to ‘name names and take no prisoners.’

‘Thugs and criminals’ are the problem with the current state of affairs, he says. That and they don’t ‘give a rip about Alabama.’

‘I’ve been a farmer, a businessman, a cop, a Marine during Vietnam. So listen up,’ he barks.

Yes sir. In fact, we’ll embed the video below so not to interrupt you, Mr. Peterson.


However he does in his campaign, you have to credit his ingenuity. When silly season gets underway, voters get careened with an avalanche of political ads. This one stands out.

Really stands out.

Not only in the paid media world, but he’s getting a ton of earned media attention. Sure, people are having a lot of fun at his expense (not us), but you can’t beat the reviews:

‘Best campaign ad ever,’ writes Dan Fletcher at Time magazine.

‘There’s no place like Alabama,’ swoons Brian Montopoli at CBS. This is a ‘must-watch spot,’ he adds.

‘Possibly the greatest political campaign ever,’ notes the Guardian’s Richard Adams.

Without further ado...

-- Jimmy Orr

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