Opinion: Joe Biden update: Mexican President Calderon’s speech prompts deep thoughtzzz

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Mexican President Felip Calderon is on a (legal) state visit to Washington this week -- White House meetings, a joint media appearance with Barack Obama to criticize Arizona’s illegal immigrant legislation and express concern over border-crossing traffic congestion and a grand, fancy-dress South Lawn state dinner, albeit Salahis-less.

Along with such affairs often comes what is intended as a big American honor, an opportunity to address the drones in a joint session of Congress, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presiding and Vice President Joe Biden along for the ride, as official presiding officer of the U.S. Senate.


Calderon’s message obviously moved everyone.

He didn’t criticize the ongoing failure of the U.S. federal government to secure its border with Mexico against illegal immigrants, drug traffic and crime. He didn’t apologize for his country’s strict treatment of illegal immigrants arriving there.

But he did describe the strict Arizona law as a ‘terrible idea’ and asked the U.S. Congress to restore the assault weapons ban inn this country to somehow help the war on drugs in his country. At the end of Calderon’s speech the two Democrat-controlled houses gave Calderon a standing O.

In the middle, Calderon got an attentive Pelosi and a Biden deep in thought.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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