Opinion: Social nets wrap: Facebook, Twitter reactions to Obama speech from Vitter, Thompson and Boehner

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David Vitter (Sen. R-La.): After watching the President’s address on the oil spill, I’m very disappointed he continued to dig his heels in & reiterated his support for the blanket moratorium – this is already impacting our coastal economy. I’m also offended that the president is using this tragedy as a political mechanism to pass cap & tax. These types of policies aren’t helping the disaster in the Gulf, they only guarantee more job loss.

MarkUdall (Sen. D-Colo.): Let’s make @BarackObama’s speech the historical turning point that ushered in the #cleanenergy revolution.

RepKevinBrady (Rep. R-Tex.): I’ll go the President one better and call for a truly independent commission to investigate the government’s role in the spill.

Fred Thompson (former GOP presidential candidate): Obama wants to change the law and punish BP retroactively for the oil spill. Come on, Mr. President. Don’t you think BP should at least have the same rights under the law as Khalid Sheik Mohammed?


Mike Prendergast for Congress (State Rep. R-Fla.): The President addressed the nation to let those directly affected in the Gulf know what they really need now is Cap and Trade legislation passed by the U.S. House. What they actually need is for the President to stop considering and act to....

...waive the Jones Act, which would allow foreign companies possessing some of the world’s most advanced oil skimming ships to join the efforts to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf.

Kendrick Meek (Rep. D-Fla.): Tonight, President Obama spoke of the necessity of exploring clean energy solutions in the wake of this environmental catastrophe. I stand wholeheartedly in support of the President when it comes to decreasing our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels

Creigh Deeds (State Sen. D-Va.): Panel Sharply Raises Estimate of Oil Spilling Into the Gulf

Barbara Boxer (Sen. D-Calif): STAFF: Senator Boxer gets endorsement from Ocean Champions. ‘I’m honored to receive the support of Ocean Champions,’ said Senator Boxer. ‘The Gulf oil spill underscores the need to protect our coast and the hundreds of thousands of California jobs that depend on our coastal economy. I will work to protect our oceans for today and for future generations.’

RoyBlunt (Rep. R-Mo): I was stunned to hear the president use the BP oil spill disaster as an opportunity to push for his job-killing national energy tax plan.

askgeorge (Rep. George Miller, D-Calif.): President Obama is absolutely right - we cannot afford to wait any longer to invest in new energy technologies;...

Congressman Spencer Bachus (Rep. R-Ala.): Our absolute focus in the Gulf must be on stopping the spill, cleaning up the damage, and addressing economic losses. ... President Obama’s attention should be on the critical situation in the Gulf and shoreline states including Alabama, not on pushing ‘cap and tax’ or other costly energy proposals.

RepCarnahan (Rep. D-Mo.): Thoughts on POTUS speech: reliance on oil is great for Big Oil, Wall St. -- bad for American families, nat’l security.

NatResourcesGOP (House committee on Natural Resources, Republicans): Hastings: Oil Spill is No Excuse to Impose Job-Killing Energy Policies

RepPaulBrounMD (Rep. R-Ga.): Obama is certainly not wasting this crisis to ram his socialistic agenda down the throats of America #oilspill #ovalofficeaddress
GOPLeader (House Republican Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio): RT @mikeallen: Boehner prebuts: I hope the Obama Admin will not try to use a crisis made worse by its own failings to score political points.

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