Opinion: Joe Biden update: Finally, some good news for Obama; 40% can’t name his VP


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Amid all the doom and gloom about the impending political Armageddon scheduled to impact Washington late on Nov. 2, President Obama and his Democratic Party of large congressional majorities got some unexpected good news this afternoon:

A new Pew Poll revealed that fully 41% of Americans can’t name the sitting vice president, whoever he or she is.


(SPOILER ALERT: That’s him in the photo above doing something behind the president’s back.)

To quote a former senator, this is a big effing deal. With midterm elections just five weeks away, the fewer voters who can pick out any of the ruling D.C. D-crowd in a ballot line-up, the better.

The incumbent vice president, who has just 28 months left in that office, is the fellow who promised last summer that by now we’d finally have hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created every single month, thanks to all the stimulus spending that he promised was shovel-ready 19 months ago. He said nothing was more important to him and the co-worker he calls Barack than that three-letter word: J-O-B-S.

Earlier this year, after collecting $2,500 from each individual diner at a Baltimore fundraiser, the VP admitted that 2010 was going to be a very difficult year for his party, because so many Democrats had ‘washed up’ in districts where they had no business being elected.

More recently, however, the VP’s Nov. 2 vision has clarified. And what’s-his-name has absolutely guaranteed that Democrats will retain control of both the House of Representatives, where they need to lose only 39, and the Senate, where blowing 10 seats will do it, possibly even the one Obama sat in every few weeks when he wasn’t campaigining for another chair, and maybe even the one the VP sat in ever since Obama was in sixth grade math class.

Also, the VP, who isn’t facing armies of angry voters this year, has told party mates who do face such voters to stop whining about the national antipathy they’ve created since taking office.


In recognition of his talents, Jon Stewart had the VP on Comedy Central.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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