Opinion: Joe Biden update: As VP, he qualifies for another whole day in Pennsylvania


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In case you’re one of those two or three Americans who thinks Joe Biden and Barack Obama are spending way too much time working on improving the nation’s troubled economy when crucial midterm elections loom in just 22 days, you can relax.

That pair of Democrats has gotten the message loud and clear. Yes, on Saturday Obama did squeeze in his 52nd round of golf since taking office, for those keeping score.


But on Sunday the president was back in full campaign mode in Philadelphia, his ninth presidential visit to the Keystone State, one of those big populous battleground places where Hillary Rodham Clinton clocked him during the 2008 Democratic primaries. (Remember Obama’s San Francisco fundraiser gaffe about those bitter small-town folks clinging to their religion and guns?)

Biden was there too Sunday, reminding the crowd to chant his boss’s name like some TV show warm-up man.

And today, because he’s not the big guy, JB got sent back to Pennsylvania for a full day of campaigning for members of his embattled party that the VP has guaranteed will keep the controlling congressional majorities it won in 2006 that have enabled them to do so much for the country’s welfare ever since.

Obama, for his part, will get in some closed White House meetings today, and a Rose Garden chat with media to give them some work video footage, before creating a 747 carbon footprint all the way down to Miami for a couple of Democratic fundraisers.

It’s been a whirlwind month for the voluble VP. Last week he was in Missouri and Washington state and up in Madison, insulting Democratic donors because they didn’t get sufficiently riled for his taste.

The almost 68-year-old pol spent much of those nearly seven decades in D.C. sitting in the Senate, no doubt keeping the Delaware chair warm for Christine O’Donnell. Well, maybe not.

But today Biden returns to his hometown of Scranton, where he’ll campaign for Rep. Chris Carney and talk to staff and supporters and repeat his boss’ line that they both are dissatisfied with the economy after 21 months of failed policies so maybe more time for their legislative partners will change things.


Then, Biden is off to Pittsburgh for events for Reps. Kathy Dahlkemper and also Mark Critz and yet another event for Dan Onorato, a Democrat who would like to be governor.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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