Opinion: Nearly a full day later, Meg Whitman’s spokeswoman is still linking to cross-dressing Korean bass player

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Lest anyone think that this election season couldn’t get any weirder, enter the latest character to make his way into the Meg Whitman-Jerry Brown race for California governor.

Last night Whitman’s spokeswoman, Sarah Pompei, used Twitter to attempt to disparage Brown.


“SD Cnty Sheriff Assoc says @Whitman2010 4 gov! RT: @Murphy4MegNews: CA Cops get it: Jerry Brown is too soft on crime,” Pompei tweeted and included a link, PolitiCal reported last night.

Small problem: She left out a letter in the link, and when the hyperlink-shortener company got hold of the incorrect URL, the Twitter followers of Pompei were sent to a cross-dressing bass-wielding Korean phenom who goes by the moniker H.J. Freaks, who apparently is a YouTube star.

Freaks, whose given name is Hyunmo Kim, earned millions of visits on YouTube with his pretty cosplay outfits and talented bass lines. He appears to jam to his favorite tunes while wearing women’s clothing in a form of ax-wielding karaoke. Kim says on his MySpace page that he “hopes to be the world’s greatest stupid idiot bass player.”

Speaking of: How smart is it of Pompei, or Team Whitman, to allow the tweet to remain on the spokeswoman’s Twitter stream? Here it is 22 hours after the faux pas, and there is the tweet with the link to our new friend Mr. Kim.

After the jump, the video that Ms. Pompei is still linking to, as well as H.J. Freaks’ best videos.

For nearly 24 hours Meg Whitman’s spokesperson has been linking to H.J. Freaks playing along to the Japanese manga cartoon K-ON! When told last night that her link was going to the YouTube page of a transvestite, Pompei replied with an “oopsie”.


Kim doesn’t always rock out in women’s clothes. Below, he is playing along to the Iron Maiden classic “Aces High.” Sadly, only 127,000-plus people watched this.

Clearly people want to watch him dressed like a pretty girl; maybe Pompei does too, based on results. So below we find him in full jazz fusion mode, in a dress, on a video that has been seen more than 1.3 million times. Please enjoy:

-- Tony Pierce