Opinion: Did Barack Obama channel George W. Bush in his Libya speech?


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President Obama has been called a lot of things: a Muslim, a Kenyan, arrogant, etc. But one criticism that continues to sour the stomachs of liberals and Obama supporters is that he isn’t much different than George W. Bush.

‘Obama equals Bush’ is a complaint from the left that didn’t just spring up yesterday. The fact that this president still has troops in Iraq, prisoners in Guantánamo Bay, tax cuts for the rich, and now a new war brewing in the Middle East has some of his supporters echoing none other than Sarah ‘How’s that hopey changey stuff workin out for you’ Palin.

Obama’s address to the nation Tuesday (conveniently timed so it wouldn’t conflict with ‘Dancing with the Stars’) seemed to echo a 2002 speech Bush delivered announcing that the nation was going to war in Iraq. Wouldn’t you agree? The video below shows some unexpected similarities. And if you do agree, what do you make of the odd similarities?



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