Opinion: Steve Wynn politely calls Obama a liar; Neil Cavuto laughs and says the billionaire makes a lot of sense

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Steve Wynn, the billionaire casino mogul, says that even though his business is doing better this year compared with last year, the White House is not telling the whole truth when it says the economy is improving.

‘Baloney is being slung at the American people,’ Wynn complained.

‘It’s a very misleading thing that is happening,’ Wynn told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto Wednesday morning, explaining that the people who frequent his fancy resorts are able to adjust to the current economic climates easier than the middle class employees who work for him. ‘Everything is more expensive. So the living standard of the working people -- of the middle class of America -- is being materially deteriorating because of the fiscal policies of our government,’ Wynn said.

When asked by Cavuto if Wynn is reacting to the cool-down of the ‘the devil-may-care’ ways of corporate culture or factors that pre-date the current administration, Wynn turned his attention to President Obama, specifically, and how he is presented by the media.

‘You guys on television use the term ‘disingenuous’ when the president talks about -- says something that isn’t true,’ Wynn said on the cable show.


‘That’s a fancy word for lying,’ Wynn said, which got a chuckle out of Cavuto.

Wynn then went on to talk about how rising prices and the devaluation of the dollar compared with foreign currencies hurt the middle class and tie into his belief that the government is hiding that information from the blue-collar citizens. ‘Nobody from the government ever talks about what they’re taking away from the working people of this country,’ Wynn continued. ‘I think the most important thing that has to be done is the truth has to come out. The populist rhetoric is very carefully designed to hide the truth. And I find it annoying and disappointing that it’s happened that way.’

Cavuto replied with a compliment. ‘Wow, Steve, you made more sense in a few minutes than folks I’ve had on my show over a course of a few days,’ the Fox host said.

Wynn concluded his appearance by challenging anyone ‘that has the gumption to stand up and tell the truth’ to a debate.

‘We’re seeing in the public forum, especially when the president speaks, more baloney being slung at the American people than I can remember in my 69 years of living,’ Wynn said. ‘There’s no polite way of putting it when a man who went to Harvard stands up and dishes out malarkey. I mean, it’s just not true.’

Wynn is no stranger to speaking negatively about Obama in public. In February 2010, Wynn appeared on the Rush Limbaugh program where the radio host asked him if he felt optimistic about the next few years.

‘There are more questions afoot in this market in America that will impact ’11 than I have hair on my head, I’m happy to say, and I still have a full head of hair,’ Wynn joked. ‘I have more pessimism than I’ve had before, and it’s based upon the political environment in which we are living today. And it definitely is impacting Las Vegas. The president of the United States hasn’t missed one single opportunity to squelch Las Vegas,’ Wynn stated.

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