Opinion: Sarah Palin and Common have at least two things in common


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Sarah Palin expressed displeasure at the White House for inviting hip-hop star and actor Common to participate in a poetry reading hosted by the first lady.

‘Oh lovely, White House..,’ the former Alaska governor tweeted Monday while providing a link to a story on the conservative blog The Daily Caller.

The blog post describes the well-dressed Chicago native, who was born Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., as ‘controversial’ while printing out the lyrics to one of his songs, ‘A Letter to the Law,’ which protested the war in Iraq.


At issue, it appears, are the lines: Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button/ Killing over oil and grease/ no weapons of destruction’.

To some it could be construed that Common, a former Gap model, would literally want to set the former president on fire. That, of course, would be a silly assumption because the narrator of the tune, as is common in rap and other forms of public speaking, is far more interested in expressing the joys of gun ownership than pyromania.

‘I hold up a peace sign, but I carry a gun,’ the song concludes.

If the love of sidearms isn’t enough to bond Common with the hockey mom, the pair also share this similarity: They both express displeasure toward what Palin calls ‘the lamestream media.’

Common is a churchgoing Chicagoan who just happened to attend, along with the Obamas, the Trinity United Church of Christ in 2008, which was then led by the now-famous Rev. Jeremiah Wright. When in the spring of 2008 the spotlight focused on some of Wright’s sermons as Obama ran for president, Common lashed out at the press for being biased, something the former governor also trumpets.

“Obviously, the media has an agenda,” Common told Entertainment Weekly in April 2008 when asked about his pastor. “I don’t follow what the media says. I’m a thinker for myself. And I just encourage people to be objective: When you’re watching, use your inner eye and really try to watch the person and see what you think about them. Because you can never really capture a person in the media blitz.”



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