Opinion: Yahoo New Zealand calls Sarah Palin ‘someone so evil’

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Sarah Palin often complains that ‘the lamestream media’ is out to get her, what with their ‘gotcha’ questions and obsession over her every move. Friday, a Web producer for Yahoo New Zealand was exposed for negatively editorializing in the middle of a photo gallery intended to show celebrities who look alike.

On one of the images comparing the looks of the former governor and Emmy-winning actress Tina Fey, the caption writer made two mistakes. The first was when the writer typed ‘Tina Fey, was being constantly compared to the Republican Vice President, Sarah Palin...’ Palin was the vice presidential nominee.

But the biggest gaffe was when the Web producer wrote, ‘Poor Tina - there’s something painful about resembling someone so evil.’


I.M Fletcher, one of the first bloggers down under who discovered the diss, cried foul.

‘Since when has Sarah Palin been ‘evil’? Perhaps the liberal writer is referring to the stitch-up by the Leftist media in the US who tried to blame the shooting of politician Gabrielle Giffords on Palin, because, well.. they could,’ Fletcher wrote.

‘I’d like someone to point out anything Palin has done that is genuinely ‘evil,’’ the blogger wrote.

Yahoo New Zealand eventually took out the offending last sentence of the caption, but the caption is still calling Palin ‘the Republican Vice President.’

Joe Biden might want to be notified if that were the case.


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