Opinion: Medicare ‘is a problem because we have become a poor nation,’ Donald Trump says


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Medicare was the topic on the table when Donald Trump called in from a golf course to speak to Bill O’Reilly, but naturally the subject returned to the billionaire’s plans to run for president.

But first Trump explained that if Asian countries ‘would let us have our jobs back,’ the issues with Medicare would get resolved naturally.

‘Bill, if we could get the economy going and if China would stop taking all of our jobs because our leaders are not smart -- in fact, I’ll go a step further -- because we have stupid leadership, and if South Korea and all of these other countries that make all of our products and, in particular China, would let us have our jobs back, if we had intelligent people negotiating, where all of these countries -- by the way, China, what they are doing with their currency in terms of manipulation makes it impossible for our people to compete,’ Trump told the Fox host on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ on Friday.


‘So if we took our jobs back and we made this country strong again and we made our own product and we got together, not -- you don’t get together -- if we did something with respect to OPEC, who is ripping us off like nobody’s ever ripped us before, Medicare would take care of itself,’ deduced The Donald.

Trump’s favorite subject, of course, is himself, and he did not miss the opportunity to tell O’Reilly of his intention to run as an independent if the GOP nominates someone weak.

‘Look, I have tens of thousands of people asking me to stay involved, asking me to run, frankly, for president. And you know that when -- I told you about it that I wouldn’t be running as a Republican, I was leading in the polls. But there is plenty of time because my contract expires with NBC in 11 months from now. And if I see a number of things, if the economy continues to do badly, which I predict it will because we have nobody that knows what they are doing on top. And if the Republicans pick, and I say respectfully, a weak candidate, or as we say in New York a stiff, if the Republicans pick somebody that’s not a good candidate, I may very well run as an independent, and I think I would win,’ Trump predicted. O’Reilly humorously asked the real estate tycoon who owns several golf courses if he would ever give disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner a golf membership.

‘He is not a good guy and obviously he has got some serious psychological problems,’ Trump said of the Democrat. ‘I would rather not have him in my clubs,’ he added.


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