Opinion: Osama bin Laden hit list: aspired to kill Obama on Air Force One

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Osama Bin Laden had a hit list and on top was a plan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks by shooting down Air Force One with President Obama aboard it, officials say. He was also hoping to fly a small plane into a U.S. sporting event and attack Gen. David Petraeus’ plane.

The airplane-obsessed terrorist was killed when Navy SEALs helicoptered into Pakistan and raided his hideout. In the ‘treasure trove’ of documents discovered in Bin Laden’s compound were newly released plans the Al Qaeda leader was crafting to assassinate Obama on his plane or helicopter with a missile or grenade, officials told ABC News.


The documents were part of the discoveries that included the much ballyhooed ‘fairly extensive’ collection of pornography found at the Bin Laden ‘mansion.’

‘It’s difficult, but not impossible, to shoot down either Gen. Petraeus or the president’s plane. But the reality is because of the countermeasures and other planes and helicopters in the air, it’s not a likely scenario,’ Brad Garrett, former FBI special agent who now works for ABC, said of the proposed attack.

The plane into the sporting event scenario, however, possibly could have been executed, Garrett said.

‘We have so many small airports, you could fly below radar,’ he said. ‘That’s possibly doable.’

Oh great.


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