Opinion: Urgent Democratic vocab alert: Pelosi bans the S-word (stimulus)

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Actually, it’s understandable. And actually surprising that ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) took this long. She must not be getting out much.

Remember way back in 2009 when D.C. Democrats were promising that the $787-billion you-know-what program was going to start you-know-whating the economy almost immediately with those shovel-ready projects that were going to keep unemployment below 8%?


President Obama even flew Air Force One almost four hours round-trip one day for a 10-minute speech to point out how well the you-know-whating was working in Ohio. The rate there is 9% now and, nationally, 9.1% with no new jobs created last month.

Other than that, all of Joe Biden’s hundreds-of-thousands-of-new-jobs-any-month-now promises came true.

Fact is, utter the S-word in political conversation these days and chuckles are the most likely response -- if you’re not among the 14-plus million officially unemployed. And the many millions of others who’ve given up.

Which Pelosi hasn’t.

The S-plan didn’t really S-anything sufficiently. But that’s not stopping Pelosi et al from pushing yet another S-plan, this one maybe even bigger than the other one that didn’t work. Can you say $1 trillion?

The unions would love it. And although their membership is only 11% of U.S. workers now, they make up a much higher percentage of the crumbling political base Obama needs to win reelection.

So, Pelosi has launched a campaign to pressure Obama to include some kind of gigantic ‘job creation’ package in his grand Thursday night jobs address to Congress that will finally surely fix the nation’s troubled economy once and for all.


He’s had -- what? -- 961 days to get his economy act together and chew through all those economic advisors. Obama won’t be calling his plans S-plans either. They’ll be investments, which sound less lethal than another dying S-word, ‘spending.’

Also, FYI, ‘Recovery Act’ is also gone the way of the Obama administration’s ‘man-caused disaster.’ Now, it’ll be something about Made in America. Make It in America. That sort of thing. Which will make all the difference in the world.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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