Opinion: Sarah Palin on Obama jobs speech: ‘He kind of plays us all for fools’

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Sarah Palin commented today on President Obama’s jobs plan presented in a nationally televised speech to a joint session of Congress on Thursday night. (Video below.)

First, the former Republican governor told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly what the Real Good Talker talked about wasn’t really a plan.


I don’t consider it a plan at all. A plan is something that would give you a roadmap as to how to get to your goal, and he had no plan that he articulated. Just a lot of goals, a lot of flowery rhetoric, but nothing that is going to tell us how we are going to pay for his big spend again. And I guess I look forward to next week or the week after, whenever it is that he supposedly will truly reveal a plan, how we are going to pay for these things he believes will get the economy rolling again.

So, what does the possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate think is behind the....

...poll-challenged Democratic incumbents request for a joint session, an occasion usually reserved for national emergencies (Sept. 11, Pearl Harbor) or a major detailed legislative initiative (Obama’s healthcare launch)?

He kind of plays us all for fools, if you will, in that he wants us to believe that just spending more money that we do not have, that we will have to borrow, that we will have to print, that spending more money, and growing more government is going to be the answer to our economic woes. When over and over again history and time-tested truths have shown that it is the private sector that creates the jobs...and yet he keeps spewing the same rhetoric over and over again, and we saw more of that during his speech. Really assuming that the American public isn’t smart enough to understand.

So, why would an experienced politician, albeit a Chicago one, go through all this?

It’s indicative of panic mode...creating crisis and then never letting a good crisis go to waste….And that goes beyond I think the president’s kind of arrogance within his personality saying that, you know, just trust me, believe me, I don’t have to explain what it is that I am talking about and how we are going to pay for this. Just trust me and pass it now and then you’ll find out what’s in this eventual bill.

Scroll down to watch the full Palin interview video from Fox News’ ‘America Live.’


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo and video: Fox News Channel