Residents in an 800-acre parcel of unincorporated...

Residents in an 800-acre parcel of unincorporated Rancho Dominguez filed an application this week with the county's Local Agency Formation Commission for annexation into the City of Carson.

"We're very hopeful" the annexation proposal will be granted, said Don Close, president of the Action for Carson Annexation committee, which represents most of the affected Rancho Dominguez residents.

The county commission, which has the authority to decide such matters, is expected to schedule a hearing on the issue within three months.

The residents, who are almost all mobile home dwellers, have been seeking annexation by Carson for the last six months in an effort to be covered by Carson's strict rent-control ordinance. They also have maintained that they want representation by a local city government rather than the "faraway" county system.

The Carson City Council has announced its intention to approve a resolution Monday supporting the residents' campaign for annexation. The council has declined, however, to lead the annexation drive.

City officials and Rancho Dominguez industrial representatives are continuing to negotiate concessions requested by industry in exchange for its support of the annexation.

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