Vertical Blinds Rotate for Best Light Control

There are many ways to cover a window to provide privacy and to control glare and heat. But the trick is to still admit light and allow a view. The manufacturer of LouverDrape vertical blinds has produced a product that does these things well.

The blinds can be rotated to the exact position which best blocks direct sunlight and still offers a maximum in light and view. While ordinary draperies must be either fully open or shut, vertical blinds can be drawn open into a small pack at the side of the windows, completely shut or adjusted to a variety of other positions.

The decorating flexibility of LouverDrape blinds is another big plus. They come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors with valances to match. Or, they can be solid vinyl, which is effective for insulation purposes.

Measured against horizontal blinds, which the company says do not close tightly, an independent engineer determined that LouverDrape's solid vinyl louvers save 34,000 BTUs per square foot of glass, with yearly savings of 33 cents a square foot of glass. A window with 40 square feet of glass would save $13.20 a year in energy costs.

Additionally, LouverDrape says their solid vinyl louvers are 36% more effective than aluminum vertical blind louvers, both in a closed position. In the summer, the solid vinyl blinds do an excellent job of reflecting solar radiation (up to 75%), effectively reducing the need for air conditioning.

Vertical blinds are a big saving in time when it comes to cleaning. They don't collect dust the way horizontal blinds do. Gravity does most of the work so that they need be dusted no more often than a wall.

The cost of a vertical blind is equal to a good quality fabric drapery, according to John Rosenkranz, LouverDrape executive. "However," says Rosenkranz, "unless you are buying through a decorator, they are always on sale somewhere."

LouverDrape Inc. is located at 1100 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, Calif. 90401. The blinds can be seen and purchased at window covering and department stores throughout the Southland.

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