'Expeditious Injustice'

INS Commissioner Harold Ezell's letter (Dec. 27) is a classic example of the bureaucratic malady "rigor-procedureitis."

Ezell contends that the deportation of the pregnant spouse of an American citizen by the Immigration and Naturalization Service was in accord with "the express will of the people." He goes on to state "that Mrs. Parnes had to depart the United States so she could adjust her immigration status to live in this country legally."

When momentum becomes inertia the outcome is often a dry-rot type of mental gridlock that results in senseless, pathetic and unfeeling acts by governmental agencies.

The Times was right on in its editorial (Nov. 22) "Expeditious Injustice," when it labeled the Parnes case "a disgrace that touches all Americans." Ezell's comments are an unfortunate exercise in knee-jerk defense, but, hopefully, his last on the subject.



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