BRIEFLY : Three were accused of insider trading in TI options.

The SEC accused a tax manager for Texas Instruments Inc., along with his brother-in-law and nephew, of profiting from insider trading in the company's stock when it announced losses from its home-computer division in June, 1983. Documents filed in a Dallas federal court state that Odom Sherman Jr., a 26-year TI employee, agreed to an injunction prohibiting any further insider trading but did not admit or deny participating in the stock deals. The SEC complaint says Sherman received less than $450 in profits from his own stock transactions, but his nephew, William D. Stuart Jr. of Dallas, profited by almost $120,000 in a "put" option transaction based on information provided by Sherman. Sherman's brother-in-law, William D. Stuart Sr., a Memphis, Tenn., stockbroker, was accused of receiving almost $19,000 in profits from puts.

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