Santa Monica : Developer Wins on Appeal of Main St. Ruling

The City Council unanimously reversed a Planning Commission decision that would have required developer Al Ehringer Jr. to reserve 3,000 square feet of space in a building on the south end of Main Street for businesses to serve the neighborhood.

The commission had approved the 3,000-square-foot condition in exchange for allowing Ehringer to include a 130-seat restaurant in the building. The appeal was filed by Councilman James P. Conn on behalf of Ehringer.

The council voted to accept a revised condition negotiated among the developer, Conn and representatives from the Ocean Park Community Organization.

Rather than require the developer to reserve 3,000 square feet, the council voted to have the developer reserve "a portion" of the development for non-food businesses serving the neighborhood. When 75% of the ground floor space is leased, the developer is required to report to the Planning Commission before a business license is granted to businesses that do not serve the neighborhood.

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