Orange County Commentary : Letters : High-Rise Vote in Seal Beach

More than 3,200 Seal Beach citizens opposed to high-rise requested that the Seal Beach City Council cancel the Bixby High Rise Project.

When the three pro-developer and pro-Bixby members of the council refused to do so, they forced the election that will be held Tuesday in our city.

The pro high-rise front group has already spent more than $50,000 to the citizens group's $800. And there are still two weeks of campaign expenditures to report.

Unfortunately, this gigantic sum of money has been spent by the developers on brochures that have conveniently left out some very important facts.

To put matters straight, the city Planning Commission, after three public hearings, denied this project on grounds of safety, height and density. Not one member of the commission voted for the three 70-foot office buildings.

Bixby's own traffic report (March 28, 1983) prepared by Justin Farmer, transportation engineers, states, " . . . The foregoing would suggest that the seventh connector through the site will have a very detrimental impact on the capacity of this intersection." It also states that "both state and city must assume legal liability for future collisions."

As a former mayor and eight-year member of the City Council, I have always maintained continuing concerns for the safety of our citizens and the financial responsibility of our city.

To subject them to these dangers and liabilities is unacceptable and morally irresponsible.


Seal Beach

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