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souvenirs from home On the cover of the Nov. 25 issue of Home was the photograph of fall-colored leaves by Peter Hogg. The photograph was so lovely that I could not bear to throw it away. Yesterday, my husband and I matted and framed the picture, and it is now hanging in our bedroom where we can enjoy it every day. It might be of interest to you that sometime in the '40s, when the Los Angeles Times offered a group of pictures suitable for framing for a nominal sum, my mother sent for them. We have six of the pictures, matted and framed, hanging on the walls of our home. Edna C. Cornett La Verne missing pieces The reason I buy the Sunday Times is for the Home magazine and especially the gardening section. On Dec. 23, I felt cheated after paying $1 because the gardening section was so minimal; even George Harmon Scott's Gardening Jobs was missing. Greta English Temple City I'm very disgusted with Home magazine. No more does it have home ideas or recipes, especially Nov. 25. Just all advertisements! What a disappointment. I used to look forward to it. It's a big letdown now. Mr. & Mrs. M. Genito Arcadia much ado about nothing I wholeheartedly support Miv Schaaf's New Year's proposal published Dec. 30--to spend three hours weekly or monthly on one's own, doing nothing. And she lists innumerable things one might do to please oneself rather than to follow someone else's whims. Right on! I would opt for three hours a week--to smell the roses. Happy New Year! Sherry Terzian Westwood FOR THE RECORD: On Page 14 of our Dec. 23 issue, Loma Darling Tippin's quilt ("In the Footsteps of Their Forebears") was identified incorrectly. The quilt is distinguished by banners with authentic First Lady signatures. Letters for this column should be addressed to Letters, Home magazine, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles 90053.

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