Hurray to CBS for airing "Not My Kid." This is the first true-to-life story I've seen about the turmoil a family goes through when their kid abuses drugs. The acting was superb, the feelings displayed were real and the message was clear to all us parents. I would like to see more programs like this as parents need to be informed and aware about drug abuse in their community. Nancy Reagan is deeply committed to this problem and so is CBS for giving us this realistic and sensitive portrayal of what is happening to our youth today.

Marilyn Ickes, Van Nuys

"Not My Kid" had a lot of emotional impact, and my heart went out to the characters. Unlike most of TV's superficial plots that are just trying to create a fantasy-like drama, this program had feeling.

Dianne M. Graf, Los Angeles

"The Hearst and Davies Affair" was a sad remembrance of two of old Hollywood's most interesting people. Virginia Madsen managed to bring life to Marion Davies, but the rest of the cast was a joke. Production values far surpassed the script and direction.

Bob Brard , Hollywood

Here it is, the second day of Phyllis George on "The CBS Morning News" and already I have to tune out and turn off. What is left for me out there but cartoons? It hurts to think I will never hear or see Bill Kurtis again but for my own sanity, I must resist the urge. What is left for intelligent people who do not want to hear George babble and gurgle and coo the news?

Sonya S. Leibovitz, Santa Monica

Aside to the script editors of "Dynasty." Correctly, a woman is named in a will as executrix. A man is executor. Get it?

Vera L. Harris, Los Angeles

Thanks to Channel 13, we can now enjoy TV's best game show, "Jeopardy." Alex Trebek is a likable host. I am sure many will agree that it is good to have "Jeopardy" back on the air.

Mrs. John Robertson, Camarillo

Shame on KCOP for bringing back a great show like "Jeopardy" and a poor host like Alex Trebek. He lacks enthusiasm and charisma, something that is needed on the show.

Nikki Davis, Los Angeles

It disappoints me that you've received so many letters praising KCOP's shabby treatment of "Star Trek." To applaud Channel 13 for dishing out cut-up versions only rewards them for their deceit. The episodes they claimed would be run "completely uncut" have been blatantly edited. We should thank Paramount for releasing the episodes in production order, and for the new prints, not KCOP.

Norman Richter, Pasadena

As USC alumni, several of us would like a local channel to offer a rerun of the classic "Captain From Castille," featuring Alfred Newman's "Conquest" march, now the USC fight song. It has been some time since the film has been aired, and the music is outstanding.

Richard H. Pauley, Tustin

In watching "True Confessions" on KTLA, I confess I couldn't hear the dialogue. I heard papers rustling, wind, airplanes, autos, loud footsteps and machinery over two actors talking one breath above a whisper. The last line at the grave site sounded like "This is it." Surely I mis-heard-- nobody would write a line like that. Better Porky Pig saying "That's all folks"--at least I'd know the film was over.

Patricia Holbrook, Sunland

Does NBC really think I'm going to give up "Dallas" for "V" in its new 9 p.m. Friday time slot? I think it's the end of "V" and everyone loses!

Leland L. Wiegert, Rancho Palos Verdes

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