Regan and Baker Complete Job Trade, Are Sworn In

Associated Press

Donald T. Regan and James A. Baker III formally completed their job swap today--Regan reporting for work as President Reagan’s chief of staff and Baker taking the reins at the Treasury Department.

Regan took the oath of office shortly after he arrived for work at the White House at 7:20 a.m., presidential spokesman Larry Speakes said.

Baker, who had taken the oath as Treasury secretary in his home Sunday, was back at the White House at mid-morning--briefing members of Congress on the President’s budget in his new role as the Administration’s chief economic spokesman.

Ceremonial oath-takings are to be held Friday in the Oval Office, with members of the two men’s families on hand, Speakes said.


Files Transferred

The Baker-Regan job switch had been under way for several days. Deputies and aides have been filling boxes and transferring belongings from one building across the street to the other.

The two men took their closest aides with them, but the personnel changes don’t appear to alter significantly the White House staff structure.

A series of staff announcements said Assistant Secretary Thomas C. Dawson, Regan’s business and trade adviser at Treasury, was moving to the White House as executive assistant to the new chief of staff. Banking expert David L. Chew became Regan’s new staff secretary in charge of paper flow to and from Reagan’s desk.


Secretary to Cabinet

Assistant Secretary Alfred H. Kingon, Regan’s policy and communications chief at Treasury, is succeeding Craig Fuller as secretary to the Cabinet, with the rank of deputy assistant to the President. Fuller will help coordinate the transition, then leave government for an unspecified post in private business, the White House said.

Regan also took his executive assistant at Treasury, Christopher Hicks, to the White House to take over the duties of John F. W. Rogers, the present director of administration. Reagan plans to nominate Rogers to the new post of assistant Treasury secretary for management.

Baker aide Richard G. Darman is following the outgoing White House chief of staff to Treasury to serve as deputy secretary. Reagan has nominated Baker’s deputy for political affairs, Margaret DeBardeleben Tutwiler, to be assistant secretary of the Treasury for public affairs and public liaison.