Mail Supports New Zealand Prime Minister

From Reuters

Fan mail congratulating Prime Minister David Lange on his tough anti-nuclear stand against the United States is flooding into his office, his aides said Tuesday.

They said that at least 2,000 letters and telegrams have been received over the last few days, most of it supporting his uncompromising position on visiting American warships.

At least 500 messages have arrived from Australia, an ally in the ANZUS military alliance with the United States and New Zealand.

Wellington's refusal to permit American nuclear-capable warships to use its ports has resulted in forthcoming ANZUS maneuvers being canceled.

"I feel like flying over and hugging you all for your anti-nuclear stand," wrote Jude Buckland of the Australian state of Tasmania.

And 13-year-old Mungo McCall of Sydney said, "I support you fully on this matter and wish we here had a prime minister as sensible as you."

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