Congress Wives Not Toads, One Says--and Proves It

Associated Press

Marty Davis says she's sick and tired of people assuming a congressman's wife must be a dowdy "toad."

So, the 36-year-old wife of Rep. Robert W. Davis (R-Mich.) sent the February issue of Dossier magazine a revealing picture of herself in a leotard and high heels that show off her long legs.

In a letter to the magazine protesting a feature it did on congressional wives, she said, "There are congressional wives who aren't cloying Barbie Dolls swathed in Ultrasuede."

She told the Washington Post that she sent the letter and the picture as a joke because she was "sick and tired" of people being surprised that a congressman's wife is good-looking.

"Gimme a break," she added. "Just because she's married to a congressman, she doesn't have to look like a toad. She's not a dog with no brains."

Davis, 51, a fourth term congressman, told the newspaper the picture "shows congressional wives aren't what people think."


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