County Acts to Fund Shelter in Compton Area

The county Board of Supervisors is seeking $45,000 in federal emergency funds to establish a shelter for about 30 homeless people in a vacant county building north of Compton.

The board Tuesday ordered the Community Development Commission to prepare a plan for using federal funds to renovate the building at 12717 S. Central Ave. in Willowbrook.

Vacant since 1980, the facility has been heavily vandalized "but could serve our area's homeless quite well" if it were cleaned up and renovated slightly, said Supervisor Kenneth Hahn.

Hahn, who recently suggested using vacant schools in Bel-Air and other communities for as shelters for the homeless, said the need for emergency housing in South-Central Los Angeles and the Compton area was "truly extreme."

The action is the latest of several by the board to establish new shelters for the county's homeless, who are estimated by some officials to number about 30,000.

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