Letters : something's missing

The reason I buy the Sunday Times is for the Home magazine and especially the gardening section. On Dec. 23, I felt cheated after paying $1 because the gardening section was so minimal; even George Harmon Scott's Garden Jobs was missing.

Greta English

Temple City

I'm sorry it took me until now to write but at least I got to it today. On behalf of lots of my friends and family, we want to know what has happed to your Home magazine section. I for one have looked forward to that section for years. Now it is so thin you almost miss it. Please restore it to its past capacity. I know you'll make many readers happy again.

Mrs. Lebo


I truly don't know why you continue to waste your time. For years I eagerly looked forward to Sunday morning and Home magazine. It was full of articles--each week--on gardening, cooking, interior design and home improvements. The "Home Q&A;" was always fascinating. Today, the publication is no more than pap, and has been for the past year. I have a collection of Home that spans years and I constantly refer to those beautiful copies. Today's Home is the first part of the Sunday Times to wind up in the trash.

Melinda Bigalke

Garden Grove

full of ideas Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. My retired husband is going to build a home I have designed and we shall use much of what I have cut and saved from your pages. I do need help in three areas, and I hope you will focus on them. What have others done in very large master bedrooms and in equally large combination kitchen/dens? Also, what is being done with windows, other than bars, to ensure personal safety? Janet Stagner Joshua Tree Letters for this column should be addressed to Letters, Home magazine, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles 90053.

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