Orange County Commentary : UCI Chancellor's Removal of Medical School's Dean

Congratulations on your editorial (Feb. 3) concerning Dr. Stanley van den Noort, dean of the UC Irvine College of Medicine.

Your conclusions are completely correct, and I would hope that the new chancellor, Jack W. Peltason, took the time to read your remarks.

Van den Noort has been greatly admired and appreciated by all of the medical profession of Orange County, and he has been a patient advocate at all times.

It will be impossible to replace the dean with someone who has such a great knowledge of his fellow man, anticipation of the future and conviction to fight for what he thinks is right.



Amato is president-elect of the Orange County Medical Assn.

UC Irvine Chancellor Jack W. Peltason's removal of Dr. Stanley van den Noort as dean of the medical school represents a significant loss.

During his tenure, van den Noort has distinguished himself by attracting top faculty members and building the College of Medicine from a mediocre school to a top-ranked institution. In policies for indigent medical care and in-medical school admissions, he has demonstrated his advocacy for the disadvantaged.

Because of such successes, he enjoys the solid support of students, alumni, the staff, the Board of Trustees and most of the faculty. His opposition clearly comes from outside the medical school and jeopardizes its academic independence.

By rescinding van den Noort's reappointment as dean at a time when the wounds from the battle over an on-campus hospital are still fresh, Chancellor Peltason appears to be punishing him for his zeal and steadfast resolve to continue upgrading the quality of the medical school.

This action implies that the university is willing to pander to local business interests at the expense of academic quality.



Associated Medical Students

UC Irvine College of Medicine


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