NAACP Assails Reagan Record on Civil Rights

Associated Press

The NAACP on Saturday accused the Reagan Administration of waging attacks on civil rights and called for a meeting with the President.

"It is a fact that the national Administration . . . has been leading the attack on recent civil rights gains," the board of the 400,000-member National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People said in a statement.

The organization, in its 152-page annual report, also assailed proposals to cut social spending in the 1986 federal budget.

Benjamin L. Hooks, NAACP executive director, scored Reagan for not meeting with blacks.

He said the NAACP board would use a meeting to give Reagan "in very short form some 10, 15 or 50 specific issues that face the black community in a different way than they face the white community."

Among those problems, he said, are a jobless rate of 17% for blacks, contrasted with 6.4% for whites, and a rate of 42% among black teen-agers, contrasted with 12% for white teen-agers.

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