Beathard Took Long Route to Game

Associated Press

It seemed a day like all other days when General Manager Bobby Beathard of the Washington Redskins got out of his bed in a Manhattan hotel last October. But it wasn't.

Beathard, an ardent jogger, ran in the New York City Marathon on that fall Sunday. He was certain he had time to finish the race and reach Giants Stadium in New Jersey in time to see the Redskins play the Giants.

But the muggy weather forced him out of the race at the 19-mile mark. No cab would pick him up in his jogging outfit. He had to trot back to the hotel. He changed his clothes and hailed a cab to get to Giants Stadium. The driver misunderstood and took him to Shea Stadium in Queens.

He finally reached the Meadowlands in New Jersey just in time to see the Giants maul the Redskins, 37-13.

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