Local News in Brief : Fundamentalist Abortion Foes Picket North Hollywood Clinic

About a dozen anti-abortion activists demonstrated outside a North Hollywood abortion clinic Tuesday to protest what they called the "murder" of hundreds of fetuses at the clinic.

The protest, which was coordinated by a conservative Los Angeles Baptist church, lasted for several hours and also attracted abortion foes from churches in Burbank and North Hollywood, who distributed literature to women entering the clinic.

The Rev. Rodney S. Brooks, pastor at the Fundamentalist Baptist Tabernacle, said protesters succeeded in turning at least two women away from the Family Planning Associates Medical Group clinic on Victory Boulevard.

Brooks and several other members of the congregation carried pickets, sang, "We Shall Overcome" and occasionally chanted "Abortion is murder," as women entered the building.

Women inside the clinic complained that the protesters were more annoying than persuasive. Several of them defended the rights of the anti-abortionists to picket the facility, but criticized the protesters for "not truly understanding" the issues involved in the abortion debate.

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