Police Patrol Mexican City After Violence

Associated Press

This border city was calming down Tuesday after hundreds of police patrolled the streets in the wake of violence at a political rally that drove scores of people to seek refuge across the border.

"From the people we have been interviewing as they are coming through the border . . . things are getting back to normal," C.E. (Dob) Cunningham, a U.S. immigration inspector in Eagle Pass, Tex., said Tuesday.

In Eagle Pass, where more than 100 Mexicans arrived after fleeing across the international bridge during Sunday's violence, one woman was hospitalized in stable condition after being shot during the rally, officials said. Eighteen others refused to return to Mexico for fear of reprisals, Cunningham said.

The violence occurred at a rally by the opposition National Action Party to protest alleged vote fraud by the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party in municipal elections last Dec. 2. Violence over the same issue Dec. 29 left one person dead, 80 injured and the city hall burned.

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