Carson officials have decided to consider a new bid by the developer of the proposed Hilton hotel at the same time that they entertain alternate proposals for development of the Carson's $4.2-million Civic Center property.

However, officials have directed city staff to prepare documents that would expedite the possible acceptance of the Hilton offer, raising the issue among officials of whether the city is giving the Hilton bid special preference.

Asked Councilwoman Vera Robles DeWitt: "Can you prepare these papers for all the potential bidders . . . or are we just going through an exercise in futility with the other developers?"

As approved by the council, the city would prepare such documents for other bidders who are "at the same stage as the Feinbergs (the Hilton developers) are."

No other developer has a bid at the same stage as the 2-year-old Hilton proposal. The council first advertised for other bids in early February.

The city's decision follows notification by Hilton developer J. Jay Feinberg that his firm's newly acquired financing loans will remain intact until late March. In addition to his current financing, Feinberg is asking the city for a $2-million loan--secured by a trust deed--to be repaid in five years.

All proposals will be considered by the City Council, acting as the Redevelopment Agency, at its March 18 meeting.

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