Temple City

A March 26 special referendum election to determine whether zoning on a proposed condominium project should be rescinded will be held as scheduled after a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles refused to grant an injunction stopping the election.

Hiroshi and Lillie Komai and Fairhaven Development Corp. of Arcadia had filed suit to stop the election, alleging that supporters of the referendum drive had acted unconstitutionally because they did not try to stop a similar development across the street.

Referendum sponsors, who along with the city were named in the suit, were relieved by the court's decision, a spokesman said. The suit is still pending, but attorney David Llewellyn, who represents referendum sponsors named as defendants, said the action becomes moot once the election is held.

The referendum, if it passes, would stop an 18-unit development on the northeast corner of Lower Azusa Road and Golden West Avenue. However, its original purpose was to halt the extension of Golden West to Lower Azusa, which the city required as a condition for granting the zoning change from single-family residential to multiple-family residential.

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