Hotel Opposed Along the Coast

As a lifelong resident of the city of Hermosa Beach I still believe that a hotel along our coast is not really an option at all. The electorate of this city have already voted down the project. Whether it be by 18 votes or by 1,800 votes, the majority of the voting public, on Dec. 11, said no to the hotel. We don't need yet another hotel proposal. What we really need is an alternative to the hotel project. We need an alternative that would conform to less density and one that would leave as much concrete out of the project as possible.

The proposal that we need will come from the many local residents that really care about the future of Hermosa Beach. Residents that have seen what has happened to places like the Esplanade, Newport Beach and Miami.

Singer-songwriter Cat Stevens may have said it best in his early 1970s hit when he asked, "Where Do the Children Play?"


Hermosa Beach

About Politics and Development

According to your comprehensive article (Feb. 3) concerning the race for mayor in Redondo Beach, the choice for voters is clear-cut.

If citizens in Redondo Beach want their coastal community to look like another Miami Beach, they should elect Jerry Goddard. He will let the developers dig in right down to the last available inch.

If the people want to preserve what's left of the loveliness of Redondo Beach and keep traffic congestion down, they will vote for Barbara Doerr. No amount of campaign money will be able to keep a tide of homeowner anger from rushing in to preserve the city if enough people are informed.

Redondo Beach is facing what we are facing in Rancho Palos Verdes. People who were elected to the City Council as anti-development candidates are now feeding right out of the developers' hands.

However, very much like Mayor Barbara Doerr, our mayor, John McTaggart, stands firmly against overdevelopment. What happens in one coastal city affects all of us along the coast. One area's traffic congestion spills over into many other communities.

Isn't it time that a South Bay coalition of concerned citizens was formed to help candidates from all of the cities who will stand against overdevelopment?


Rancho Palos Verdes

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