Sinatra Denies Youth Shots

United Press International

Frank Sinatra filed suit against the National Enquirer for an October article that claimed the entertainer went to a Swiss clinic for injections of a youth serum made of sheep cells, it was learned today.

The $22 million suit, filed in Superior Court late Monday, named the Enquirer, La Prairie Clinic and its New Jersey subsidiary, La Prairie Inc.

The suit said the article stated that Sinatra stayed at the Swiss clinic registered as John Smith for six days and paid $5,000 for the sheep cell serum treatments. He was quoted in the story as saying, "I hate getting old. I wish to God I could start all over again."

The entertainer, who lives in the Palm Springs desert area near Indio, unsuccessfully demanded a retraction from the tabloid, the suit said.

Sinatra claimed he suffered more than $1 million damage from each of the defendants. He alleged commercial misappropriation of his name and likeness and is seeking $10 million punitive damages.

He is also seeking attorneys and court fees, and all profits made from the article.

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